The WonderCore Smart is one of the few ab machines which you may have already heard of by name. This machine is based around two spring loaded arms which have adjustable resistance to allow you a full range of ab related workouts and is our selected winner of best ab machine last year in 2018.


According to the sales pitch, the WonderCore Smart is designed to be used to target your entire core and more…, as such there are 6 recommended exercises for which this machine is designed. The manufacturers suggest you perform sit ups, push ups, bridge, scissor kicks, forearm, biceps and triceps exercises all assisted with this single machine. Making it a great tool for people beginning an exercise regime who can’t get to the gym every day.

The interlocking springs within the design of the machine allow additional resistance to be placed on your abs throughout the exercises, which gives you more freedom to adjust your workout as your core becomes stronger, as well as assisting you in the beginning when longer workouts may be challenging; or to help overcome injury.

The WonderCore Smart products are sold with a complimentary workout DVD which is a great way to get started using this new piece of equipment, begin shedding a few extra pounds and strengthen your core. The DVD has two 35 minute workout routines which will definitely help the novice shape up and get a good workout.

However they don’t stop at the DVD. They also provide you with a complimentary exercise and nutrition guide, to help get you started in the right direction. While all these bells and whistles are not for everyone, it gives great value to anyone who could do with this extra push to reach their target.

One of the biggest selling points for us, being extremely vain, is the elegant design of this great machine. This means it can fit in with your home decor without being an eyesore, and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, like many other machines.

The WonderCore Smart has received an overwhelmingly positive response, and has helped a wide variety of consumers achieve their ab goals. On amazon alone there are over 350+ four and five star reviews. We are not surprised by this amazing respons, because this is a well designed, well built piece of equipment, which really does provide you with everything you need to get the stomach you want.


There are a few issues to be aware of before buying the WonderCore Smart. Firstly the rollers cannot be set in a fixed position which could cause you to slip off the machine during certain exercises if you do not use the machine carefully. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are aware of the issue but is something to look out for if you are trying to push yourself particularly in the bicep routine.

Some people also found the split rollers to be uncomfortable to lie on, however in general we think it is perfectly suitable for regular use and in a worst case scenario, this can usually be fixed simply by resting a pillow on the machine during certain movements.

Finally some flooring may allow the machine to slip slightly under use. In particular slippy polished laminate flooring. If you have this problem it is easily solved with a simple exercise mat underneath the machine. There is a dedicated WonderCore mat available which is recommended for that purpose, however we don’t see the advantage over any traditional mat. This will have the added benefit of protecting your flooring, keeping the house looking as beautiful as your abs hope to be.

Of course, Like any exercise machine, you will only see results if you consistently keep up the hard work. However the WonderCore Smart will provide you with all you need to give it your best shot.


We give this product 4.5 stars and think this is definitely one of the best ab machines available in 2019. In fact we are confident this machine will likely reappear in the 2019 leader board. We would recommend the WonderCore for novice to intermediate buyers, as well as an aid for those whom struggle with traditional sit ups. Fitness experts would likely benefit from a more challenging machine such as the Finnlo ab and back trainer.

The overwhelming number of success stories surrounding this machine make it a clear winner for our favorite ab machine.We hope that by using this machine, you will get the fab abs, and a core that scores; just like you always dreamed!

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