My name is Bill and I am an author of abworkoutwinner.com.

Like many teenage boys, since my early teen years I have been obsessed with having a strong and healthy core; a passion which I have never lost. However my journey to get my stomach flat and hard was not easy, and I took many turns and missteps on the way.

I have always been interested in how some people developed 6-packs and washboard flat stomachs which they kept for their whole lives, while others despite trying again and again still ended up with a protruding pot belly. I however would never give up on the dream.

Early on I used to think some people were genetically lucky, and used that as an excuse for me to be overweight. After years of study and obtaining a degree in biochemistry I learnt that anyone can have the abs of their dreams if they only use the right combination of diet and exercise, and with all of the great tools available today there were no more excuses.

Each New Year now brings even more new tools to help shape your abs and achieve your flat core. But there are now so many options, that it’s difficult to know just what route to take. I aim to bring the best of these tools together in one place to help you get the abs you deserve easier than ever before.

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