There can only be one….

The year 2018 was a fantastic year for the world of abs. Every single year we see improvements in the information available to us for achieving the abdominals that we dream of. We hope that by working together we can find you the best ab machines available and the best diets. We scoured the countless products available, searching for new and revolutionary ab machines to give you simple recommendations and reviews to take out the complexity from choosing the right ab machine.
Sticking with this philosophy, despite the numerous fantastic machines we decided we would only have one single machine which could win our ab machine 2018 award. So without further ado, we can tell you that the winner is the


This is probably expected from any of you whom already have a Wondercore 2 machine, and makes this a sure fire abtastic choice for a first second or even third machine. We have already reviewed the Wondercore 2 in detail on our review page and so will not dive into the details again here. in summary this was a fantastically versatile machine with a huge range of potential applications made easy for both the complete beginner and slightly more advanced ab enthusiast.
Even though we are now moving into the new year, the Wondercore 2 will remain a bargain for a long time to come. and you can’t go wrong getting one of these beauties for yourself. In fact if you see even half of the results everybody else has seen, you will not be sorry. Find out more in our in depth review of the Wondercore 2,

or click the photo to check it out on amazon: