Discover the ins and outs of the Wonder Core in our Wonder Core 2 review.

So your considering whether to buy a Wonder Core. Get ready to see the disadvantages of the Wonder Core 2 that nobody else will tell you, as well as all the exciting advantages that made us choose the Wonder Core 2, for our ab machine of the year 2019 award.

The Wonder Core 2 is another WonderCore installment, however it is not so much an upgrade to the other Wonder Core models as an entirely different machine, seemingly sold by different companies.

As opposed to the WonderCore Smart, the WonderCore 2 is a chair like system. It has rowing cables attached and can act as a full bench for you core workout routines. The Wonder Core 2 is definitely one of the best ab machines of 2019 and really earns the five star rating from us in our Wonder Core 2 review.


If versatility is something that excites you, the Wonder Core 2 is built for you.

This ab machine claims the ability to be suitable for use with 12 main exercises. Amazingly, you can do even more with it if you use your imaginations, for some truly wild routines.

The sales pitch highlights the improved ergonomic back design, providing far improved back support and new built in rower resistance bands. These bands allow you to get a total body workout, targeting your upper, middle and lower abs, obliques, chest, shoulders, back, traps, biceps, triceps, glutes and calves.

Because of the huge number of possible exercises, the Wonder Core 2 provides a great platform for a wide range of routines. You can easily start monopolising on this, by using the two complimentary workout DVDs. Which contain three 30 minute workout routines to get you started on your exercise journey.

Again, similar to the Wonder Core Smart, on top of the DVD routines, you will receive a complimentary exercise guide and nutrition plan. All of these add-on features really make this an excellent value package for anyone who can benefit from some extra help planning for their new flat stomach or rippling abs.

Not too surprisingly the Wonder Core 2 has received a tremendous response online. This machine has received 200+ four and five star reviews from customers on amazon alone. These ratings are only possible because of the consistent quality provided by this product, and exemplifies the huge impact it is able to have in hundreds of peoples lives.


As always there are some challenges to be aware of before purchasing the Wonder Core 2. While it has been amazingly popular, this is not well designed for tall users. If you are taller than 6 foot, you may find completing the exercises becomes too challenging as the physical adjustments to the machine do not extend to this height.

This means that unfortunately those of us at the taller end of the spectrum will have to stick with an alternate machine.

While the machine can fold away it does take up more space than the Wonder Core Smart. This additional folding step can be enough to demotivate the struggling novice. If you know that you are hard to motivate (like me), and might use any additional step as an excuse to avoid the work out, we recommend you opt for the Wonder Core Smart version. Because as always it’s only by using the machine that you can achieve the abs you aspire to.



Of course because of the amazing versatility of this ab machine, We give the Wonder Core 2, Five stars.

As you know, we gave the Wonder Core 2 the 2019 victory for best ab-machine over the Wonder Core Smart and all the other contenders. What you may not have realised, is that this also won best ab machine 2017.

Overall, it is a brilliant machine, best suited for novice and intermediate users.

We think the Wonder Core 2 is the best buying choice for anyone looking to start a new ab workout routine, because when you choose the Wonder Core you are guaranteed to be buying excellent quality. If you want the most versatile ab machine, this will be an investment you will not regret.

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