Discover the disadvantages of the Ab Flex ab toning belt that nobody else will tell you; and the advantages that made us choose it for the best toning belt in both 2019 and 2020.

The Ab Flex ab toning belt has changed the way we think of toning belts. While there are many things that concerned us about using a toning belt in our routine in the past, we now think that the benefits are undeniable.

Below we share with you everything you need to know about the Ab Flex ab toning belt, in the most comprehensive review ever. This is important because there is just so much to share with this great product.

The Ab Flex toning belt is essentially a belt which is designed to be worn around the stomach underneath your clothing. Where simply wearing the belt helps tone your abdominal muscles. This can then be worn anywhere, around the office, shopping, or during your workout.

The Ab Flex certainly comes with a big box of claims; of a tighter stomach and even 6 pack abs for people with no time to go the gym.

We will tell you up front, this is not a magic bullet or a lazy guide to six pack abs. But the Ab Flex toning belt will massively enhance the results of your current routine, giving you better results faster. That makes it a must try device for any ab enthusiast.

How the Ab Flex works:

As with all electronic toning belts, the Ab Flex training belt system works using electronic muscle stimulation, or EMS. This is not a new method, and has been used for years in a whole range of both cosmetic and medical approaches.

The electronic muscle stimulation in this belt sends electronic pulses of current into your muscle through several electrode pads. This electric current then causes the muscle in between the pads to contract and squeeze hard. The principle is that this forced contraction, replicates contraction you would experience during exercise, and helps to tone your muscles.

The exact current used, and the placement of the electrodes for maximum effectiveness, is where the science really comes in; and while we don’t have in depth knowledge of the physics, seems to be something the Ab flex toning belt does very well.


The Ab flex toning belt is excellent at what it does. The belt is slim and lightweight which means that it will take up very little space in your home. This also means that it can be worn and still be hidden underneath a jumper, for normal everyday public use.

Although Ab toning belts are not known for their stylish properties; in a cosmetic sense, we find the design to be truly unisex. Both men and women will look good in this slick piece, which is a careful balance not many products get right.

The electronic muscle stimulation comes with 10 programmed settings and 99 intensity levels. This makes it easy to adjust the intensity of your stimulation, with their remote control and so tailor it to your precise level. This level of variety in the settings is a real bonus, allowing this product to be effective for both beginners and more advanced users.

The belt itself requires gel for use under the pads, but does not require the pads themselves to be replaced. This gel lasts a long time and is cheap to buy; making the upkeep of this device much cheaper in the long run.

The belt is powered by AA batteries. We thought this may limit the power output of the belt when compared to mains powered units; however, the careful design of the Ab Flex has maintained good power. The batteries then give you the freedom to use your belt wherever and whenever you see fit. Of course AA batteries are easy to come by, and can be purchased cheaply from a local pound store.

“Results from using the Ab Flex ab toning belt are fast.”

People report noticing a difference in as little as a week, and notice continued improvements week on week with continued use. We all want fast results to abs, so this is a big selling point.

The sheer response which has been shown for the belt, with over 1850+ reviews on amazon with over 5 starsis a great sign; with only 200 three-star or less reviews. This is a massive confidence booster and goes to highlight the fantastic job which Ab Flex have done creating this product.

The nature of the electric muscle stimulation means that wearing the belt really requires no extra effort on your part, making it a risk free addition to your journey to the abs of your dreams. Who doesn’t love the prospect of getting more bang for their buck.

The adjustable size means that this really is a one size fits all belt that should fit almost all shapes and sizes. If you are above the size limit, it’s likely you would not benefit from the electric stimulation at the current output of the Ab Flex toning belt anyway; and we recommend starting your journey with some gentle exercise and diet control.


There is one inherent disadvantage with all ab toning belts that work with electric muscle stimulation. That is that the belt while stimulating contractions in your muscles is not inherently burning fat. This means that the Ab Flex ab toning belt will not be able to magically give you a six pack. Great abs come not only from toned abdominal muscles, but from having low body fat percentage.

“This is in no way a replacement for good exercise and diet regime to get in excellent shape.”

The main concern which we have with this device stems from the potential for small burns if not used properly. This is really, really important to pay attention to if you want to see the benefits of the Ab Flex. It will not be a problem for everyone, however, some people can experience small burns around the pads of the electrodes if they do not apply the gel properly.

Because of this, make sure you always apply the gel, do not wear the belt for too long each day. Perhaps start off with a smaller amount of time and build it up, so that you don’t overdo it. If you are getting burnt you will normally notice that the experience is feeling different maybe, more sharp than normal. If you feel this, stop immediately and ensure everything is working okay, contact the supplier.

Despite this the product is generally safe and an extremely popular product; if you have any concerns, consult your medical practitioner and the Ab belt supplier before use.

We stated that having AA batteries was a massive advantage, well there is of course also the disadvantage of having to buy batteries. We would recommend you invest in some rechargeable batteries for the device, as when you work your way up to higher settings and longer workouts you will start to use a lot of batteries. A nice set of rechargeable batteries will help you massively in the long run.


Despite our hesitations, the Ab Flex toning belt has amazed us and changed our opinion on ab toning belts all together.

So many people have has amazing results with the ab flex, that we just can’t deny the results!

We give this ab toning product a four star rating. This is a great tool, to get edge with your ab routine, and comes at bargain price.
We love the Ab Flex Ab Toning Belt, because it can make your hard work count even more, and that is why the Ab Flex is the belt everyone is talking about in 2020…

So grab one on Amazon while you still can!