Normal people can NEVER achieve lasting weight loss using typical diet advice.

There is a massive problem when it comes to all the common weight loss advice on the internet.

These weight loss programs have been created and are sold by fitness FANATICS, who spend hours in the gym every day and devote their ENTIRE lives to working out.

This level of dedication means they have a giant blind spot when it comes to weight loss.

Yes, the programs they sell really did work for them. But they worked because they are FORCING their bodies to burn enough calories to lose weight with their relentless workouts.

Through sheer force, they are overpowering their bodies and beating them into submission.
However, in the hands of an ordinary person who can’t spend all day in the gym, their body fights against the diet and their metabolism slows down.

This is why most people hit plateuas in their weight loss journey. This is why it seems harder and harder to lose weight every day you’re on the same diet. And this is why most people that go on a diet, end up gaining back even more fat than when they started.

Because if you don’t have the chance to spend all day in the gym every single day, you can’t win a fight against your metabolism.

Instead, you need to leverage the inner power of your metabolism and get it to fight for you.


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Everything is kept SIMPLE and REALISTIC – so you anyone can hit their weight loss goals.

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  • How your metabolism really works – and the secret to use this to your advantage.
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  • The mistake in calorie counting, and why it’s time to stop.
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  • 15 quick tips to give your metabolic journey a Turbo.
  • The serious dieting myths that create your weight loss roadblocks – finally debunked.
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