I like to think of the new year like a gold rush.

From the moment the bells chime in the year and the date resets to 01/01, millions of people rush to reinvent themselves and capture their very own version of a fresh start.
And so they sit down, pen and paper in hand, they set their new missions in stone and proudly share them with all their friends.
But between all these millions of people we only see a few different resolutions show up. Worse still, more often than not, they are the exact same resolutions as last year. Yes we see:

  • I want to lose weight.
  • I want to get fitter.
  • I want to quit smoking.
  • I want to drink less.
    Now there’s nothing wrong with these goals. In fact I admire every single person who sets these goals, as becoming a healthier and more vibrant version of yourself is everything that AbWorkoutWinner stands for.

    And so just like in the gold rush, thousands of people declare their desire to search for gold.

    Here’s what’s important to remember:
    All of these people know what they need to do. They know which rivers to pan, they know which equipment they need, they have even watched other people panning day after day for weeks. But when they get down to the river, a horrible realisation dawns upon them…
    They actually need to sieve through all this dirt, just to find their nugget of gold.
    And it’s nowhere near as pretty or as fun as they had dreamed.
    The first day they sieve and sieve, hoping for the gold, praying they will get the biggest brightest nugget around.
    They think back to the stories they heard of one person discovering a gold lump the size of a brick – “with something like that they’d never have to work again”.
    And so they keep sieving until the end of the first day, and the second and the third. But by the fourth day, suddenly the river begins to run empty.
    The gold in the imagination of the prospectors seems to have lost it’s shine. and so one by one, they start to give up.
    The next day again, less and less people are showing up.
    Not because they have found all their dreams or made their fortune, but simply because they have already lost their hope, they already lost their dream.
    They know it takes weeks to find the gold they need, but they lose hope… and fade into history.
    All except one small powerful group of prospectors.
    The small group who can become an inspiration to all of us, a small group some may call crazy.
    Because no matter how long it takes, this group never loses focus.

    They have something nobody else has – VISION.

    If you walk down to the river after 6 weeks, you will see only a handful of people left, and when you look into their eyes you will discover the most remarkable thing…
    Their eyes have turned to gold.
    Yes every single one of these visionaries can see the gold as if it were real in front of them right now.
    They can see it so strongly it appears in front of their eyes and they know they will achieve their dreams.
    If you are on your weight loss journey, you have probably already seen the members at the gym start to go down.
    You know friends who have given up on their dreams, with a sigh of “maybe next year”.

    But this doesn’t have to be you. You can still find your gold.

    If you want to keep your new years resolutions, if you want to make this the year that you finally lose weight, then you need to learn from the lessons of the goldrush.
    Learn to make the vision you dream of shine like gold in your mind.
    Picture your perfect body with every single part of your soul. Feel how good it feels in your healthier stronger more vibrant self, Look at your impressive shape, listen to the positive reactions of everyone around you – make your future shine like gold in your own mind.
    If you don’t have a strong enough image built up in your mind, you are bound to lose your passion and you are bound to give up on your new years goals. In fact by this time over 80% of people have already given up.
    But if you want to ensure your success today, create your vision and make sure it excites you to your very core. So that even if you skipped one day going down to the river, you will commit to never let it happen again.

    Your gold awaits you my friends, and it’s much closer than you think.


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