While the WonderCore machines are superb and particularly effective for beginner and intermediate ab routines, the more hardened athlete will be better served by a more advanced machine.

Introducing the Finnlo 3864 ab and back trainer. This is a well-built, gym quality machine to help you develop the absolute peak performance ab and back training.


This machine will allow you to take your routine to the highest level. It is a solid, strong and robust machine which will not let you down when you need to really push your limits in your ab routine.

It is extremely well built machine, which is highly adjustable for people of different heights and to perform a range of exercises.

Will allow full core and back workout as well as the option to use as a weights bench for other routines.


This is a hard-core workout machine, which comes with no bells and whistles. This does not have any additional CDs, DVDs or nutritional booklets and is designed for people whom are happy to research specific exercises to perfect their abs alone.

The Finnlo will take up the most space out of our three favorite machines, and will require some serious space dedicated to having the machine set up. There are also less reviews of people purchasing from the company and so the consistency of service is harder to determine.

Finally the Finnlo does not come with weights, and so if you want to add heavy resistance into your routine you will need to buy weights, or find a household alternative yourself. You will see similar machines in many gyms, but for the serious ab enthusiast having this machinery at home will allow you to sculpt the perfect core in no time.


Whether a seasoned ab trainer yourself, or an ambitious beginner the Finnlo is without a doubt a top contender for the highest quality home ab trainer, without getting commercial equipment.

We give this 4 stars, while a great piece of kit, it lacks the versatility for the novice user which can be gained from the WonderCore machines. But for the bold, the brave and the daring, the Finnlo is an ab machine of the highest quality and is the best machine to develop defined strong 6 pack abs.

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