More than ever, people are suffering from obesity and ill-health, almost entirely because of lack of exercise.

Sometimes, we blame not having enough time, sometimes it’s just too hard, and sometimes we say it’s too expensive.
However, I can tell you that you don’t need an expensive gym membership to keep fit!
Your can get fit and improve your health just by completing that list of household to-do’s!

Let’s look at some of the options:

Your house offers many opportunities to exercise. If you’re anything like me, you have plenty you need to do. There is always something you can renovate.
By making a few small changes to your daily household routine, you can get more out of your property than just a nice place to live; it can become your fitness center as well.

Fitness task 1: General housework

Household chores are simply workouts in disguise.
For those who find it agonizing to go through chores (admit it, we all do), here’s a suggestion: treat it like a workout.
Start off by deciding on a specific time you can dedicate to your chores. It can be as long as you can handle, maybe an hour or even just half an hour to get started.
Now before you begin, create a list of exactly what you need to get done, so that you don’t even have to stop to think for a moment.
Now RUSH to get the household chores done.
Carry the garbage out, get the laundry to the laundry room and vacuum the floor with abundant energy. Lifting things to clean under them is another weight lifting exercise, and don’t forget running up and down the stairs when you need something.
Once your allotted time is up, you can finally take a break. Your workout is over… unless you’ve gotten into the groove and want to keep straightening things up!

Fitness task 2: DIY

Little projects around the house can cost less if you learn how to do them yourself.
You probably have more than one DIY (do it yourself) challenge already on your to do list, whether it’s putting up some shelves or replacing an old light fitting.
Of course they also provide fantastic ways of exercising.
If you’re the one climbing the ladder to clear the gutter , you’re the one reaping the benefit of the exercise. (but of course don’t forget proper safety measures!)
The same goes for painting, small repairs and rearranging the furniture. Even raking and bagging leaves is an excellent chance to tone up those arms, as is shovelling snow. (I think some husbands are going to hate me)

Fitness task 3: Gardening

Yard maintenance can hold the final key for exercise.
Instead of getting the latest gas-powered lawn gadgets, get yourself something hand powered.
For instance, use a push mower instead of a gas-powered one. A gas-powered mower can add as much pollution to the atmosphere as a car and doesn’t burn as many calories.
A 150 lb person pushing a non gas-powered mower burns approximately 400 calories an hour!

Fitness task 4: Landscaping

Landscaping is a huge calorie-burner.
If you do as much as possible yourself, you will burn phenomenal amounts of energy lifting, carrying, digging, and placing.
Want to take it to the next level? Don’t spray weed killer on weeds; get down there and pull them out yourself!
You’ll burn about 250 calories an hour while you preserve the health of your environment and get rid of unwanted plants.
As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you to work out, just doing the daily tasks you’ve been putting off.
So if you can’t manage to get to the gym this week. Don’t panic. You can still stay in shape from your own home.
Just spending more of your time physically maintaining your house and it will pay off two times over. Not just in the pleasure and equity of having an attractive home in good repair, but also in your personal fitness.
In our present society, labor-saving devices are often not as labor-saving as they seem.
You need to exercise and stay fit. Your home is the perfect place to start.


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