There are lots of different studies and experiences for different ways in which we can lose weight. By lose weight as always I mean lose fat, ideally enough fat to reveal the abs we all have hidden below. Today I will highlight one of my favourite techniques. This is a method which is often ignored, and I like to call the always in motion workout.

What is the always in motion workout?

The always in motion workout, is pretty much what is said on the tin. In other words, it is about always staying in motion and always keep moving.

So what does moving mean? …

How often should I do this workout?

The key to seeing the maximum benefit from this always in motion routine, is to keep moving all of the time. If you are not sleeping, you can be using some energy for movement. When you sit, bounce your legs. When you stand wave your arms. I is through the cumulative effect of these small movements that you will really start to see the difference.

What kind of benefits will I see from this workout?

Like any additional workout routine, this will cause you to burn more calories throughout the day. While actually calculating calories is extremely difficult ad often misleading, we can all agree that burning more energy than we use is a requirement of fat loss.

You may think that these small everyday motions are irrelevant to your workout regime. However, this constant movement burns far more energy than you probably think. Have you noticed how you often move around a lot when you are cold naturally, just to warm up. All of the warmth that you create is coming from the thermal energy of that exercise, and you know it can make a real difference.

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The never stop moving approach also helps to maintain a higher overall basal metabolic rate throughout the day, and can counteract any dips which you are introducing through inconsistent meal plans, or a bad diet regime.

Is there evidence for this working before

YES! to give you the short answer. Unfortunately I cannot find the study which initially stemmed my interest on this subject right now. However to give you the gist, the overall differences in metabolic rate between individuals was traced and a huge proportion was dependent upon how much each person moved when resting.

If you want a claim to fame, this was also highly recommended by Bruce Lee in his teachings and book on jeet kune do.

Finally hundreds of people around the world gain benefit from this approach every day. So why not join the crowd and give it a go yourself!

This is another theory that costs nothing to implement and can really help your fat loss, especially if you have reached a plateau. So go ahead and start your always in motion plan right now.